Caring for your scissors

Scissors should only be used to cut the materials for which they were designed. Using scissors for materials they were not intended for will dull the blades.

ScissorStore your scissors in a closed position. Storing them in an open position is the most common cause of dull blades.

Scissors should be kept dry and dust free, and covered where possible to protect the points.

How to identify quality scissors

Quality scissors are very sharp, have a good balance in the hand and are light weight.

The blades are joined with a tiny screw, not a rivet, allowing them to be adjusted or repaired if they are damaged. The screw can also be lubricated with sewing machine oil.

Blades should be moulded into the handle during the plastic injection process. Low value scissors often have the blades inserted into the handles afterwards, which usually leads to breakage.

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*for any adhesive build up, simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean.

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