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Please note that Pilot Pen Australia only handles Australian enquiries about the Westcott brands.

If you are from another country, please visit www.acmeunited.com for further guidance.

About Westcott

Acme United is an American, award-winning, worldwide supplier of innovative cutting and measuring products with facilities in the US, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong and China.

The Westcott scissors are renowned for their quality and innovation, as is evident with their Microban and KleenEarth ranges.

Besides the Westcott brand, Acme United also have the Clauss brand of high-grade cutters.

Pilot Pen Australia is the exclusive distributor of the Westcott brand in Australia.

Other Pilot Pen Australia brands

Pilot manufactures quality writing instruments and is leading the market with its environmentally friendly Begreen range and innovative products like the Frixion Ball.
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Pilot Pen Australia owns the Sellotape brand in Australia, which dominates the Australian grocery market. Innovative product launches ensures this leadership position.
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About Pilot Pen Australia

Pilot Pen Australia is a specialist in the Office Products market and services the major stationery distributors and retailers nationally.
Head Office is in Sydney with Sales Representation in all capital cities.